Have more meaningful conversations with your team about performance.

CoSpot's qualitative + quantitative approach is actionable for managers and meaningful for employees.

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CoSpot transforms how we do performance reviews because feedback is given continuously at a granular level. Our team members are no longer surprised, and love being able to course correct based on timely and specific feedback.
Alan Park, CEO at Monitor Backlinks

Meaningful conversations come from continuous feedback over time.

CoSpot is a lightweight, flexible tool that your team will love to use.

Custom attributes and ratings

Your company is different. Customize with the skills and values that you need.

Real-time or scheduled feedback

Set up the feedback flow to match how your company operates.

Quantitative insights

See averages and trends over time. See who's over and underperforming. Watch your team members reach the next level.

How it works

Set up your attributes and scoring

Go with one of our defaults or customize.

Start providing feedback to your team members.

Simply select the attribute, the rating, and a brief comment explaining the rating.

See trends and watch your team improve.

See trends at the company, department, or individual level. Watch how team members learn from their own ratings.

One simple plan

Get started with a 14 day free trial, no credit card required.

A solution that works

CoSpot helps companies like FluentU and Monitor Backlinks to
grow their teams and have meaningful conversations.

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