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Want to scale your content? Then stop putzing around with spreadsheets, Wordpress, email inboxes, project management apps, and SEO tools. Eliminate them from your workflow, and rely on CoSpot — one single, slick content marketing platform that does it all and more.

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Scratching our own itch, we fine-tuned a marketing platform that helps bloggers and content teams write more quality content and grow their traffic.

CoSpot helps teams generate over 5 million pageviews every month.

CoSpot helps us automate the task of assigning topics to writers and managing the content creation process, allowing us to work less IN our business and more ON our business
user-thumb Ewen Finser, Managing Partner / Founder at Venture 4th Media

What makes CoSpot better than other project management tools?

WordPress Integration - never log into Wordpress ever again.

  • Publish and edit directly from CoSpot.
  • Collaborate with writers on our secure platform without giving them write-access to published WordPress posts.
  • See an inventory of all your posts automatically.

Keywords - CoSpot empowers your keyword strategy.

  • Control the keywords/topics that writers write about without revealing your entire keyword strategy.
  • Keep track of the keywords that you've written about and which keywords need to be covered.
  • See your keyword rankings after your posts are published.

Content Metrics - prove the ROI contribution of each piece of content.

  • See conversions, backlinks, social shares, and keyword rankings for each blog post.

Productivity Metrics - optimize your team's productivity.

  • See how productivity your team members are.
  • Get insight into your content pipeline.

Automated workflows save you time

  • Like task templates, but with permissions, auto-assignment, and automatic due dates.

How it works

  • Put in your keywords
  • Write, collaborate, comment, and publish your posts
  • See your content and productivity metrics and optimize
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A solution that works

CoSpot helps companies like FluentU and BetterBoat to
scale their content marketing efficiently and smoothly.

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"As a freelance writer, CoSpot has simplified my work a great deal.

CoSpot's clean, modern design makes it easy to spot the information I need at a glance. Formerly time-consuming tasks like checking deadlines and updating editors on my progress have become quick and simple.

Plus, rather than maintaining my own calendars to monitor my workload, I can use CoSpot. Helpful graphics allow me to see where each article is in the editing process. This helps me double-check to make sure I've completed my tasks.

CoSpot is also incredibly intuitive. Within minutes, I went from complete beginner to full working proficiency.

All in all, CoSpot has streamlined my writing process by putting all the information I need at the tips of my fingers.

By the way, just want to let you know I LOVE the new "Your Blog Post Pipeline" chart! It makes it really easy to see what stage everything is at. Plus, making the chart clickable makes it really easy to update the status."

" CoSpot has made my day-to-day content editing and digital marketing tasks significantly easier.

CoSpot is how we are able to work with 70 writers to publish 20+ posts each week on our 22 language learning blogs.

I can view my editorial calendar at a glance, and having all of my most important tools for project management, team communication, productivity, SEO and analytics in one place means less open tabs and less time spent wondering, “where did I put that information?” or “when was that writer’s deadline?”

It’s clean and simple, and I’d recommend it to who’s anyone managing a large flow of incoming articles or blog posts and wants to declutter their brain and their other organizational tools.

It’s clear that CoSpot was carefully designed with busy blogging teams in mind, and there’s nothing else on the market that’s quite like it.

Having worked with similar tools like Evernote, Quickbase Project Management and Asana, I’ve found that this much more closely meets my blogging team’s unique needs and goals, and has allowed us to stay organized while seriously amping up the publishing output of our online publications. "